G. Thomas Construction Co. was founded on the principles of craftsmanship, daily communication and attention to detail. We take great pride in providing well-run projects for all our clients. We have always been a remodeling company and we know what it means to work in your home while daily life continues.

G. Thomas Construction Co. has a highly qualified team of designers and trades people who know what we expect of them and what they expect of us. We welcome projects of all sizes; large or small, simple or complex. We use a competitive bid process to keep costs in check with current market conditions. We provide detailed proposals so you clearly see everything that is included.

Most importantly we work to gain your trust and build a solid relationship for current projects and projects in the future. We don’t desire to be the largest remodeling company but rather one that is remembered for quality workmanship, timeliness and service.

Please contact us with your ideas, and remember the following when selecting a remodeling contractor:
Contact more than one contractor.
Interview each contractor. You will most likely be talking with your contractor daily so make sure it’s someone you’re comfortable with.
Compare proposals carefully. Pay attention to what is and what is not included. The cost at the end of project is more important than the price at the beginning.
Request references and verify.

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"A dependable remodeling contractor brings together experience, knowledge
and a solid team of tradespeople who provide clients with a final product that all will be proud of
and stand behind."

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